Duvet Insert-80 White Duck Down

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Encased in a 100% cotton sateen cover, natural duck down keeps you warm and cozy during chilly winter nights, but it’s also light and breathable for those balmy summer evenings.

White Down Duvet Insert

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3-Chamber Down Pillow

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Made in Canada

Double Stitch's superior duvet insert features 80% White Duck Down and 20% US-sourced feathers, compared to our competitors who use only 50% down. Our down is RDS-certified, carrying the DOWNMARK label. So you can rest assured that our down products are genuine items, finished in Canada according to all industry standards approved by the Down Association of Canada. Our down farms comply with strict animal welfare guidelines.

Premium comfort & warmth

Indulge in ultra-soft, US-sourced down encased in a 100% cotton sateen shell. Experience unparalleled coziness with down's unbeatable insulation, which offers up to three times the warmth per ounce compared to synthetics. Down's unique ability to mold to the body and its natural softness ensures peaceful rest. Say goodbye to cold spots and hello to lightweight comfort.

Temperature regulating

As nature's most effective insulator, down's millions of fluffy filaments trap air, providing unmatched insulation while allowing your body to breathe. Whether it's a chilly winter night or a balmy summer evening, our duvet ensures moisture-wicking and temperature regulation for uninterrupted sleep. Keeping you dry and warm all year round. Featuring baffle box construction, the down stays evenly distributed for optimal warmth and coziness throughout the night.

Long-lasting value

Why settle for synthetics when you can invest in down's enduring quality? With proper care, down products outlive and outperform synthetic alternatives, retaining their plushness and warmth for years to come. Plus, it's not just about coziness - down is naturally sustainable, compostable, and has the lowest carbon footprint among insulators.


Our high-quality down undergoes meticulous cleaning and is treated with Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial technology, ensuring hypoallergenic comfort. We're OEKO-TEX certified, guaranteeing our products are free from harmful chemicals. The tight-weave of our fabric, combined with down's natural breathability, keeps dust mites at bay, ensuring peaceful nights even for allergy sufferers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Aimee S.
Happily Ever After!

Years and years of searching. Mountains of pillows in our house and a complaining husband during my search for the perfect pillow. The search is finally over at last! I experimented with so many different materials, shapes, and sizes. I found that everytime we would stay in hotels though, I loved their pillows and despite purchasing from the different hotels brand I was always disappointed and out by hundreds of dollars. This pillow is just like the hotel pillows but even better! It is very firm and supportive but still so soft like sleeping on a gigantic marshmallow. My neck and shoulder pain have all melted away and I have never slept better than I am now. I am so glad I came across this brand! I got the standard size and regret not getting one of the bigger sizes. You can tell by the stitching alone that this brand is extremely high quality. A very luxrious pillow at a fairly reasonable price.

Soft & Comfortable

I have a thing about pillows. I have been trying to find just THIS pillow for a long time. I cannot tell ou how many pillows I have ordered and this is the first one to actually work well for me at night. I like a pillow that conforms with the body but doesn’t sink so thin that it is unsupportive. There are tons of too-hard pillows, lumpy pillow, pillows that go completely flat - this is the one I have waited for! It conforms to my head and also supports it by several inches. It is queen-sized, which fits my bed best. As this seems to be the best of a hard and soft pillow combined together - it is perfect! I love how this breathes and keeps my head from being sweaty. I use a satin queen-sized pillowcase and it fits the pillow nicely. the price was steep for a pillow, but the quality is so great (and I fulfilled my quest for a good pillow), I am really happy I kept trying to find a better pillow. This is it!

Mikel G.
very soft and comfy

Without a doubt the softest most comfortable pillow I have ever owned.

A A.U.
Very comfortable, premium quality, down pillow by DOUBLE STITCH

This is a king size, 20x36 luxury style, white down/feather sleeping pillow. It is made in Canada under strict guidelines and regulations. It is certified by Oeko-tex to be chemically free and free of all dyes. It is made with 80% white duck down and 20% U.S. sourced feathers. The pillow case is made from 100% sateen cotton.Now to how great this pillow feels to sleep on! This is truly like sleeping on a luxurious, puffy cloud! It is oooh, so comfortable! Ill guarantee the moment your head hits this pillow, youll be in la-la land just dreaming away! You will also stay asleep longer because of this incredibly soft, comfortable pillow. That is my experience sleeping with this down/feather pillow. It is just amazing comfort. There is no comparison to the real thing of having a well-made, truly luxurious, down/feather pillow. Any other pillow does not quite compare. Amazing quality and good value when you are buying the best! 5 Stars! Highly recommend!

Kay M.
High end pillow!

This pillow is unbelievably comfortable and clearly well made in Canada. As the name is the brand states, they put care on how it was made carefully by double stitches and it shows. Absolutely gorgeous pillow, which totally worth the price. Those are not in made in China and mass produced. Its a great investment to have a great sleep!

Signal S.
A luxury duck down duvet - beautiful, ultra soft

Sleep every night in a five star hotel! I'm absolutely loving this duck down duvet. Incredibly warm, lightweight and soothing to sleep with. Fill power is a measurement of loft which means this 700 fp is warmer and more lightweight, and extra soft. Cotton cover is a high thread count sateen weave, smooth and densely woven. This requires extra care with dry cleaning on occasion, and best to keep covered with a lightweight natural fibre cover. As this is very lightweight and breathable, it can be year-round but I especially like this one for winter as it has that extra loft.Duck down could be considered a little less warming than goose down, but only if comparing of equal quality. In order to be considered goose down, it will need to comprise 90% of the fill. Many “down” products are actually a combination of goose and duck. We looked at this duvet up close with our light table and you can see this is high quality clusters, and not fibres.Double stitch is the brand item name, but also refers to the stitching round the edges, which is common in down duvets. The baffle box construction throughout keeps the down all across the duvet so you feel the softness and warmth evenly. Importantly are assurances - Westex International is listed on Downmarks website. Guarantees such as responsibly sourced, Downmark and Oeko-Tex certified, created of exceptionally clean materials from Canada and the US. Made in Canada. This a must-buy.

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