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A Deep Love For Home Decor

In our recent interview with Famelly, she shared her insights on incorporating textures, managing lighting, and practical advice for those looking to make their bedrooms cozier and more reflective of their personal style. Join us as we dive into the creative mind of Famelly, exploring how she transforms spaces into personal sanctuaries filled with comfort, beauty, and intention.

Hello! My name is Famelly Del Orbe, but my friends and family call me Fam.

I am an interior designer and content creator who has a deep love for decor and DIY projects. I am from the Dominican Republic but currently reside with my husband in the city of Fort Lauderdale, FL. I grew up in the suburbs, so in my leisure time I find myself connecting with nature, exploring the city, camping with my husband, making crafts or just watching a good movie at home.

My room is a haven of minimalism infused with character and coziness, much like me!

Being an avid nature lover, I have incorporated natural elements and textures like wood and stone, along with soft, muted colors to evoke a sense of peace, warmth, and freshness.

Stepping into the room feels like a breath of fresh air – calming and uncluttered. The harmonious balance of clean finishes, textures, and elements creates a space that feels intentional and inviting, perfectly reflecting a tranquil retreat. 

I know that this room's design isn't final; I may choose to change, transform more pieces or re-paint the walls in the future. However, for now, it's starting to reflect our personalities and blend harmoniously with the rest of the apartment’s aesthetic.

Describe the aesthetic of your room in three words: 

Simply, modern, charming

How do you incorporate different textures and materials?

When I decorate, I usually start with a standout texture and then introduce others that complement or harmonize with the star piece, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing experience. It's key to remember that in a harmonious space, one or two textures should take center stage, while others play a supporting role. When textures and materials compete for attention, it can create a sense of visual overload, the opposite of the peaceful retreat we were aiming for in the bedroom.

What makes you feel like home?

Hmm, that's a good question... Feeling like home is about the emotional connection where I can feel grounded and find myself embraced by a sense of belonging, acceptance, and love. For me, it means being in a place where I can truly be myself and be free surrounded by memories that bring me warmth, comfort, and joy. Whether it's the familiar scent, a cozy seating area, the laughter of loved ones echoing through the rooms or connecting with nature, such as the soothing sounds of a nearby stream or the big tree outside of my window. Each element contributes to creating that sense of home.

Where do you spend most of your time when you’re in your room and why?

My side of the bed is basically my personal sanctuary, a fortress of solitude. It's the one place where I can kick off my shoes, let out a giant sigh of relief, and finally breathe freely. Here, the only rules are mine: maximum comfort, minimal stress, and enough fluffy pillows to build a fort (if the mood strikes).

Personal Musings

Q: How do you approach lighting in your room?

A: Sunlight might not be my official alarm clock, but it plays a big role in waking me up! Thanks to the large windows throughout the apartment, I get to wake up to the gentle glow filtering through my blackout curtains.  It's a subtle invitation to open them and greet the day. The open layout of the apartment allows this beautiful light to bathe the entire space, creating a feeling of openness and connection to the outdoors and the very seldom need to switch on any actual lights. 

During the day, I like to maintain a light and airy feel. After waking up and opening the curtains, I let the sunshine work its magic. However, I adjust the blinds slightly to temper the strong Florida sun, creating a soft, diffused glow that is perfect for working or reading.

As evening approaches, the mood shifts. I switch off the overhead lights and create a calming atmosphere with strategically placed lamps. Warm yellow bulbs cast a gentle glow, highlighting specific areas of the room to create a sense of intimacy and coziness. It is the perfect way to unwind before drifting off to sleep.

Q: Tell us an unexpected origin story about something in your room.

A: Transforming our old dresser to a new modern look definitely has an unexpected origin story. This particular project took me a few weeks to finish and really capture the image I had in mind. 

The initial idea was to add pole wrap wood panels to all the drawers since I had some leftover from another project. However, upon further inspection, the leftover material was not enough to cover the last two drawers. This setback prompted me to explore a different and more interesting approach for the dresser. I also wanted to keep the project affordable, which led me to consider the checkered design.

Since we live in a two-bedroom apartment in Downtown, we are not equipped with all the tools for cutting wood and to be honest, I'm still working on gaining confidence using them properly. That being said, I decide to cut by hand 30 wood squares with a hacksaw. Sounds crazy right? But it really was not that bad and it definitely ended up being worth the effort.

Q: What piece of decor would most likely win a talent show? 

A: Picking a "most talented" piece of decor wouldn't be quite fair in a room full of teamwork and some DIY projects to complement everything, but my IKEA Tarva dresser has definitely undergone a Cinderella-like transformation! Let's just say the bedroom used to be a bit of a one-note song, with the bed being the only real melody. While I always took pride in keeping the bed well-arranged, it felt like the room was missing a little pizazz. But then came the dresser makeover! With a little creativity and some elbow grease, I transformed that simple IKEA piece into a show-stopping statement piece. Now, the whole room feels like a harmonious symphony, with the dresser taking center stage as the lead singer. Don't worry, I'm still working on some amazing bed arrangements to add some fun harmonies, but for now, the dresser is definitely stealing the spotlight. It just goes to show what a little imagination and DIY magic can do to create a space that truly reflects your personal style.

Q: What has been the hardest part about setting up your room?

A: The hardest part about setting up my room has definitely been the layout working against my initial vision. Specifically, having to place the bed in front of the big window felt unconventional at first, as it obstructs the beautiful 90-degree city view. Traditionally, beds are placed against walls with windows on the side or front for optimal view appreciation. Additionally, our previous curtain system made opening those behind the bed a hassle, further limiting our enjoyment of the view. Over time, I've come to accept this setup as the most functional layout for our needs. I've embraced the beauty I've been able to create in the space, even if it's different from what I originally envisioned. Thankfully, we recently changed the curtain system, and now we can easily open them and enjoy the view whenever we want.

Q: How do you see your inner child impacting your room? 

A: Ever since I was a child, I've loved crafting, painting, and decorating—especially the room I shared with my sister. It brings me so much joy to see how those early skills have blossomed into what I do for a living today! (Maybe except for the time we painted the room green with fuchsia...that was a bold choice, and one I won't be repeating anytime soon!)

Advice for someone who wants to make their bedroom cozier?

For me personally, making a bedroom cozier starts with the bed. A good bed arrangement will make you love your bedroom. There are many ways to achieve this like adding to your bed nice throw pillows, a blanket and a puffy comforter or duvet to give texture and layers. These elements can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making the room feel more comfortable and welcoming. Additionally, incorporating some type of greenery will always bring that sense of freshness to the space. Finally, ambient lights with warm lighting, such as soft lamps or string lights can further enhance the coziness of the room.

"Our bedrooms should feel like our own little oasis where it reflects who you are, but also that safe space where you can disconnect from chaos and recharge your soul and just rest."

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