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Angie's Pacific Northwest Sanctuary: Crafting Coziness with Heritage and Thrift

Embracing a budget-friendly approach, Angie finds joy in thrift store finds and DIY projects, transforming her space with unique, affordable pieces. Learn more about Angie's tips for a cozy bedroom emphasizing textures and decluttering, crafting a space that mirrors personality and comfort. 

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Crafting a Home with Heart and Design

As an interior designer and content creator, Vanessa skillfully marries functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating tranquil, beautiful spaces. Her favorite, the bedroom, exudes calm with a minimalist and charming design that emphasizes functionality, advocating for a balance that enhances both beauty and utility.

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Weaving Personal Stories into Home Decor

Michele's room, a blend of cozy, boho, and chic styles, features a neutral palette with colorful accents and diverse textures like cane webbing and linen. She values lighting for ambiance, vintage finds for sustainability, and plants for vitality. Michele emphasizes the importance of high-quality bedding and patient, detailed decorating, aiming for a space rich in personal stories and functional style.

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Landon's Coastal Pastel Dreamscape: Los Angeles Meets Southern Charm

I was inspired by my trip to Graceland in Tennesee, where beautiful pastel colors are used both inside and outside of the home. I wanted to bring this authentic feel of the American South to the west coast.

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Elevating the Everyday: Inside Michelle's Bedroom

Explore Michelle's Texas home, where luxe coziness meets functionality. A mom and entrepreneur, she blends soft textures with practical design in her sanctuary. With a focus on warmth and comfort, every piece tells a story, reflecting Michelle's journey from world traveler to nurturing a home that feels like a warm embrace.

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Madeline's Sanctuary: The Alchemy of Curating Spaces

As an interior decorator and content creator, Madeline's design philosophy is evident in her thoughtful lighting choices and treasured items, reflecting a life well-curated. Each item, from a cork trivet from Portugal to a Murano Glass-inspired perfume bottle, tells a story.

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If you are a linen fan, this is for you! This linen is soft from the moment you get it out of the box. You don't have to wait for linen to soften with multiple washes. The lived-in relaxed vibe is seriously amazing plus the colors are totally Fall perfect! You will not regret this high quality bedding!

Vanessa G.

I'm very pleased with the quality of my new Double Stitch bedding. The Cotton Tencel feels amazing on the skin, especially after a long day. I'll definitely be coming back for years to come––amazing quality at a great price point! Highly recommend.

Courtney R.

Great customer experience! The bedding is incredibly high quality and looks exactly as presented on their website. Love this brand and will be getting more!

Landon M.

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--By Steph

Cotton Jacquard Quilt Set

Love this comforter!

For it being the thickness of a quilt, it keeps us plenty warm now that the weather has shifted to colder days. I loved this bedding so much I purchased a different bedding design from the same line/company. Bonus for their environmental initiatives.

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--By HJeffK

Cotton TENCEL™ Duvet Cover Set

These aren't inexpensive sheet sets / duvet sets, but they are so worth it. Don't even think about it, order this set and then forget some of their sheets. You will not be disappointed!

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--By Lauren

Intarsia Knit Throw Blanket

I have been looking for the perfect throw, one that is well made, beautiful, and the appropriate weight- not light and loose knit but not too heavy- this one checked all the boxes ✅✅✅This throw has exceeded my expectations, especially in the quality department. It's very well made with tight stitching, but still very pliable and soft. I also really like that this is medium weight, it's warm and cozy and breathable, but not heavy. I really lucked out when I stumbled across this because the colors match my throw pillows perfectly. I definitely recommend this throw!

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