Our packaging

Designed with you in mind

At Double Stitch, we strive to make every part of the bedding experience more inspiring. As we like to say, “Every Stitch Counts,” and that includes the little things—like the packaging your new bedding is shipped in. We started from scratch and engineered more useful, more eco-friendly, and more durable packaging solutions that can be reused in your home throughout the year. 


All of our product packaging and shipping materials are sourced from FSC-certified forests. Our cooperation with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) ensures strict environmental, social and economic standards, including:

  • Preservation of biological diversity 
  • Rights for indigenous people and workers
  • Protections against negative environmental impact

Fun and functional

Our boxes and bags aren’t just responsibly-sourced—they are also purpose-built to be easily recycled or reused as a stylish, seasonal storage solution. 

Engineered with thick, durable cloths and cardboards (and featuring convenient sliding drawers and pull strings), Double Stitch packaging is so much more than, well, packaging. It’s designed to be a functional part of your closet or bedroom for years to come.

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