Summer Staycation Essentials

Bedding Inspired by American Landscapes and Travel Memories

At Double Stitch, we transform our travel memories into timeless designs that recount our adventures. Each piece is a tribute to the breathtaking beauty of America's diverse landscapes, captured and reinterpreted through the lens of our creative journey.

Isle of Palms, South Carolina

Inspired by the gentle waves lapping against the sandy beaches, we crafted our signature wave designs that encapsulate the rhythmic beauty of coastal life.

The upcycled shell buttons on our duvet covers transform our dazzling memories of the isle into eco-friendly and chic details.

Seashell from Isle of Palms

Double Stitch


Bryce Canyon, Utah

Our repeating blocks and geometric patterns evoke the unique rocky outcroppings of Bryce Canyon, bringing a touch of the majestic outdoors into your home.

Poconos, Pennsylvania

Our designs capture ephemeral moments and recall beautiful memories of sunsets that will bring warmth to your home.

Ocean City, New Jersey

From the sandy shores and the mesmerizing hues of Ocean City, we've drawn inspiration to craft bedwear that radiates a soft, dreamy, and enchanting palette.

Incline Village, Nevada

Bring the captivating color palette of Incline Village to your home. Immerse yourself in the colorways inspired by the forest's serene atmosphere, crisp air, and panoramic views.