Care guide

General care tips

Crafted with our trademark double-stitched design and meticulous attention to detail, every Double Stitch product is made to last. Here are some simple things you can do at home to keep every sheet, pillow case, and blanket in tip-top shape.

Change and wash your sheets and pillowcases regularly.

Bleach is not recommended for use with any Double Stitch products.

Do not use fabric softeners (including dryer sheets).

Wash similar colors together. Do not wash bedding together with clothing.

Follow the specific material maintenance guidelines below.

Caring for specific products

Follow these steps to ensure your purchase stays in the best possible condition.

Benefits of caring

A whole new kind of soft

Our proprietary blend is softer than traditional linen. You have to feel it to truly believe it.

Sustainable lyocell

Our plant-derived lyocell is water-efficient and produced in a closed-loop to recover all waste products.

OEKO-TEX certification

Rest easy knowing that our linen lyocell is free from harmful substances and chemicals, supporting a healthy sleep environment.