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With natural down for luxurious comfort

1sss - Double Stitch By Bedsure

White Down Duvet Insert

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3-Chamber Down Pillow

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Customer Reviews

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Kay M.
High end pillow!

This pillow is unbelievably comfortable and clearly well made in Canada. As the name is the brand states, they put care on how it was made carefully by double stitches and it shows. Absolutely gorgeous pillow, which totally worth the price. Those are not in made in China and mass produced. Its a great investment to have a great sleep!

Signal S.
A luxury duck down duvet - beautiful, ultra soft

Sleep every night in a five star hotel! I'm absolutely loving this duck down duvet. Incredibly warm, lightweight and soothing to sleep with. Fill power is a measurement of loft which means this 700 fp is warmer and more lightweight, and extra soft. Cotton cover is a high thread count sateen weave, smooth and densely woven. This requires extra care with dry cleaning on occasion, and best to keep covered with a lightweight natural fibre cover. As this is very lightweight and breathable, it can be year-round but I especially like this one for winter as it has that extra loft.Duck down could be considered a little less warming than goose down, but only if comparing of equal quality. In order to be considered goose down, it will need to comprise 90% of the fill. Many “down” products are actually a combination of goose and duck. We looked at this duvet up close with our light table and you can see this is high quality clusters, and not fibres.Double stitch is the brand item name, but also refers to the stitching round the edges, which is common in down duvets. The baffle box construction throughout keeps the down all across the duvet so you feel the softness and warmth evenly. Importantly are assurances - Westex International is listed on Downmarks website. Guarantees such as responsibly sourced, Downmark and Oeko-Tex certified, created of exceptionally clean materials from Canada and the US. Made in Canada. This a must-buy.

Nice quality pillow

This double stitch down pillow by Bedsure is very nice and comfortable. I ordered the soft pillow and it's very fluffy and full with a lot of give to it while still being supportive. The pillow is lightweight and made very well. Nice quality and fluffy down pillow.

Warm and Comfortable

This comforter with a white 100% cotton outer shell is lightweight, soft, breathable, and warm. I feel so comfortable sleeping with it. It fits my queen-size bed perfectly.

Just A.P.
Down Pillow Luxury

The white down feather filling in this Double Stitch by Bedsure pillow provides the perfect support for my head and neck while I sleep. Unlike the memory foam pillow that I was using before, this pillow adapts easily to my various sleeping positions and has insulating properties that keep the pillow cool in the warm weather and warm in cooler weather. The softness of this down feather pillow provides me with uninterrupted, comfortable and restful sleep.

Mad M.
I examined under a microscope. Some outstanding issues but overall great quality

There are two things a consumer needs to know about down comforters: (1) the total amount of down (usually in ounces), and, (2) the fill power. This brand doesn't tell you either of those things, which is weird for an otherwise premium brand.I had a couple other issues. I find it ironic that a brand named double stitch only used single stitching for the baffles. The rest is indeed double stitched and good quality (only a few loose threads).And, it only has duvet loops in the four corners, not around the perimeter. This also is a little frustrating.For those reasons I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5.However, this is otherwise one of the finest down comforters on Amazon.I examined this under light, and under microscope. I looked closely at the down, the feathers (size and type), and the stitching. All of it is exceptional quality.I confirmed it's an 80/20 ratio of down to feathers. I confirmed it's almost completely white down and white feathers. The feathers are small, and there were no quills poking through. I found no debris, no dust, and no impurities. It's a good fill power - again, they don't disclose this, but I'm going to guess it's 700 or better. And this has enough fill to qualify as a true 4-season comforter, which will keep one warm even in dark Canadian winters.The fabric carries several certifications.The cotton is not organic, but it is OEKO-TEX certified, which is a minimum bar for me. It means it was made with the fewest chemicals possible, and that the material truly is what it claims to be (which has become a big problem these days, with the proliferation of generic import brands). It also has certification that the feathers are cruelty free and sourced in a responsible manner.The cotton is a high thread count and very soft. And it is indeed a sateen weave (3 over 1). Sateen is defined by tradition, there is no regulation or international standard for what constitutes sateen For that reason, a lot of brands claim a sateen weave, even though it might not be. But I confirmed under microscope a high thread count, a good quality cotton, and a true traditional sateen weave.Overall this is a really exciting comforter. I wish I could give it 5 stars, but they left out some vital information, and I also wish it had the loops around the perimeter.

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