The Ideal Nightly Routine with Denise Nicole X Kylie

The Ideal Nightly Routine with Denise Nicole X Kylie

After the Mother's Day weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting Denise Nicole (@abrooklynbabe) at our Manhattan studio. Our discussion centered around the importance of self-care for Denise, illuminated by her experiences in motherhood. Self-care is not a luxury but a necessity. Moms need time to nurture themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally. Let’s take a look at Denise's ideal nightly routine and join us in making self-care a priority.
Aging is a beautiful journey, but treating your skin with luxury is vital. Denise finds our sleep mask from the Mulberry Silk Gift Set to be incredibly helpful. The 3D contours of our sleep mask allow your eyes to move freely without any pressure, ensuring a restful night for not only moms but everyone who deserves quality rest.
Practices like breathwork can also be transformative for relaxation. Kylie discovered that incorporating breathwork into her routine significantly improved her mornings, helping her wake up refreshed. By taking the time to slow down and engage in purposeful deep breathing, your brain receives the message that it's safe to relax, allowing your body to unwind. Regardless of how your day unfolds, grounding ourselves and remembering our intrinsic worth is crucial. We must remind ourselves that we can withstand whatever life throws at us and that tomorrow is a brand new day.
Ready to elevate your nightly routine for better sleep? Join our community, chat with us, and unlock your free points today! We offer a wide range of products designed for every type of sleeper, along with expert tips to enhance your sleep quality. Let's embark on this journey of self-care together and ensure everyone gets the rest they deserve.

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