Fabric for Thought: Cotton Tencel™

Fabric for Thought: Cotton Tencel™

Cotton Tencel ™ is the fabric of our dreams. We’ve created the softest, most luxurious bedding using this premium blend. How does this combination make our Double Stitch sheets and our Double Stitch duvet cover so special? We’ve cracked the code on how to harness the best of both materials. 

Comfort in cotton

Organic Cotton Duvet Cover Set - Oat

We begin using our highest quality, USA grown cotton. Harvested in the rolling foothills of Tennessee, this cotton is sustainably sourced, spun and woven into a soft and reliable 300-thread-count fabric. 

The magic of Tencel™ 

Cotton TENCEL™ Lyocell Duvet Cover Set - Sandstone 

Tencel is a brand name for sustainably sourced, semi-synthetic fiber that is derived from wood pulp–most commonly, eucalyptus. Lyocell is the most environmentally-friendly variety of Tencel™, as it is processed with a non-toxic, recycled solvent. 

Characterized by its ultrafine microfibers, Tencel™ is even softer than cotton. Easily molded with a smooth finish and silky touch, this fabric is less prone to abrasion and caresses the skin like no other. 

Naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, Tencel™ will adapt to your body temperature–making it the perfect choice for hot-sleepers, skin sensitivities, and humid climates. 

Our unique touch


Cotton TENCEL™ Lyocell Duvet Cover Set-Winter Sky

After months of countless revisions and refinements, our exclusive blend is crafted into our most durable yet delicate bedding. While some new bedding out there can feel a little rough to the touch, we use a patented, pre-wash system before our products hit the shelves. Every Double Stitch sheet is sandwashed for a supremely soft and lived-in feel, right out of the box. 


Celebrating the best of both materials, this bedding is hypoallergenic, machine washable and resistant to wrinkles and pilling. With a softness that increases after every wash, and all-season comfort, our trademark Cotton Tencel ™ Lyocell series will soothe you to sleep, night after night. 


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