The 2024 Bedroom Color Combo Guide

The 2024 Bedroom Color Combo Guide

What is it about this time of year that has us looking to make a change? Is it the last vestiges of resolution season? Maybe it’s the impending seasonal transition from winter to spring and the idea of old things being made new. If you’re feeling the same transformative itch, it might be time for a bedroom refresh.

We’ve been scouring the latest design pages and styling blogs to find the up-and-coming color combinations you’ll be seeing throughout 2024 and beyond. And you might just be surprised at how good some of these combinations can look. Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist when it comes to color, we think you’ll find the inspiration you need to make some exciting changes to your bedroom aesthetic.

Peach Reigns Supreme

For those of you who follow design trends, this likely comes as no surprise, as the color gurus at Pantone announced their 2024 color of the year—Peach Fuzz. It’s a chameleon color, emerging somewhere between orange and pink, and it’s a hue that holds a special place in the hearts of all of us at Double Stitch. You’ll find varying shades of peach throughout our online shop.

This sweet shade works as the perfect foil in a room of neutrals. Throw our Linen Cotton Throw over an ivory or stone duvet and you’ve got a subtle pop of color.

Navy and Stone

If pale shades of peach just aren’t for you, you’ll be happy to know that rich jewel tones continue to rank as some of the most popular…and surprising…color options for bedrooms.

While pastels and neutrals are no doubt having a moment, creating bedroom spaces that feel light, airy, and refreshing, there’s just something about a dark, and moody shade on walls (and even ceilings) that makes a bedroom feel cozy and intimate.

The key, when coming up with a winning color combo, is to create balance against rich shades, and grey or stone bedding can do just that.

Neutrals on Neutrals

The appeal of a neutral room isn’t going anywhere in 2024. But, when building the boudoir around a neutral room, the trick is to layer in varying shades of neutral and pile on textures. This keeps the room from feeling austere or bland.

Beige, cream, and stone shades all look lovely together, but adding a little texture is what takes a monochrome palette from ordinary to extraordinary. Case in point—our Jacquard Quilt Set in the shade Oat is the perfect complement to a neutral bedroom, providing plenty of visual interest thanks to traditional French weaving techniques.

And, depending on the season, our Tufted Cotton Boho Throw in Bright White or Faux Fur Shearling Throw add one more layer of texture perfection to a space with minimal color.

The takeaway here is this: there is no single color trend set to be en vogue for 2024. The right combination for your space is the one that speaks to you…that, when you see it, causes you to take a deep, relaxing breath and think, I could get good rest in there.

Are you planning on changing things up in your bedroom? Do you have a color combo in mind that wasn’t included in our list? We’d love to hear and see what you’re doing! Head over to our Community page and share your plans and progress.

Here’s to adding new color to the space that means the most!

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