A Springtime Bedroom with Matelassé Magic

A Springtime Bedroom with Matelassé Magic

With the spring season upon us, so comes our ultra-soft, Matelassé Wave Coverlet Set. This light and airy, BCI-certified cotton fabric will snuggle you with its luxurious feel and calm your mind with its inviting pattern. 

The history of matelassé

Matelassé (mat-lah-say), is also known as “figured fabric.” This textile is made using an intricate weaving technique on a French Jacquard loom. The thick yarn and compounded structure result in a puffed material and quilted-like fabric. Matelassé can vary in density ranging from thick and weighted to light and breezy. 

The origin of this innovative fabric dates back to the 18th century in Marseilles, France. The city became famous for its high-quality, hand-quilted fabric–this favorable material, known as “trapunto” or “whitework,” was used primarily for women’s clothing. 

Inspired by this popular French fabric, England set out to emulate the style. In the 1740s, using a loom, Robert Elsden invented a weaving technique to achieve a similar, quilt-like result–only without the stitching. Years later, after much refinement, the material was made commercially available and marketed as “Marseilles Cloth” by the English. France, paying homage to their original concept, renamed the material “matelassé,” meaning “to quilt.” To this day, we use the term “matelassé” when referring to this special product. 

The crème de la crème 

Our Matelassé Wave Coverlet Set combines the magic of matelassé with our unique craftsmanship and flair. Made from responsibly sourced materials, our Double Stitch coverlet includes a light, added layer of insulation and comes in two contemporary yet sophisticated color palettes. Each complementing the spring season, you can choose between an uplifting Lilac Bloom & Bright White or calming Oat & Cream. 

Soft and sensible spring style

Our coverlet’s wave motif and classic texture create a delightful aesthetic and pleasant sensory experience that is enhanced further when paired with some of our other goodies. 

For an irresistibly soft and sound sleep, layer the coverlet over any of our Double Stitch sheets. Our hypoallergenic, thermal regulating, and environmentally-conscious Organic Cotton Sheet Set will make an excellent match. A hint of shine and a lot of self-care can be added to the mix with our Mulberry Silk Gift Set. The 100% 6A Grade, 22 Momme Mulberry Silk pillowcases, scrunchie, and sleep mask will make for a dynamic contrast in texture and tone. 

As our days become sunnier and evenings become warmer, this beautiful Matelassé Wave Coverlet Set will bring you comfort, relaxation, and the most refreshing spring sensation. 

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