Coverlet vs. Quilt: Navigating the Bedding Maze for Your Dream Bedroom

Coverlet vs. Quilt: Navigating the Bedding Maze for Your Dream Bedroom

When it comes to keeping cozy in bed, the options are plentiful and at times, overwhelming. Blankets, duvet covers, quilts, coverlets, comforters, throws—which is the best choice for functionality, comfort, and style?

We’ve gushed about our Double Stitch Matelassé Wave Coverlet Set and love our Cotton Jacquard Quilt Set just the same. Though, one specific question that continues to pop up in our Double Stitch community: what is the difference between a coverlet and a quilt?

Components of a quilt

When you imagine a quilt, does your mind swirl with images of colorful patchwork? Some that may even hold sentimental value or family history?

Quilting is a technique that dates back to medieval times—possibly even earlier. Made out of necessity to keep warm and sometimes patched over and over again, these unique covers were often passed down through generations.

Quilts are made of three layers—a layer of padding, referred to as “wadding” or “batting” is sandwiched between two layers of fabric then stitched together in an ornamental pattern or design. 

Today, quilts come in a variety of styles. Some nod to history with stunning patchwork while others embrace a more contemporary, minimalistic aesthetic. Our Cotton Jacquard Quilt Set is designed to keep you warm and combines a traditional French Jacquard weave with a modern pattern, fabric, and color palette. 

Curious about coverlets 

A coverlet is another type of bed cover, often smaller in size and more lightweight than a quilt. They’re commonly made with only one layer of fabric and often function as a decorative piece.

Technically speaking, if a modern coverlet happens to be made using a quilting technique—it can also be considered a quilt. More often than not, regardless of technique, a coverlet will be lighter in weight than a quilt. Coverlets are a delightful and convenient way to change the look of a room.

Our Matelassé Wave Coverlet Set comes with our unique Double Stitch touch. Prioritizing versatility, we offer our coverlet in full sizes for full coverage. With an elegant design and classic texture, it makes for the perfect single breezy cover during warmer seasons and a cozy added layer when it’s chilly. 

Functionality and fun

When deciding on a quilt or a coverlet, keep in mind the size and degree of warmth you’re seeking from an individual layer. Consider how each layer may serve as the centerpiece of your room and just like we have throughout history, have fun using these special pieces as a form of decorative expression. 

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