Welcome to the Double Stitch Community

Welcome to the Double Stitch Community - Double Stitch By Bedsure

Let’s be honest: we aren’t the only bedding brand on the internet. You’ve probably been bombarded with ads from our competitors, or maybe you’ve watched as popular influencers excitedly unbox their new blankets or pillows. There’s a lot of noise (and a lot of inauthentic claims) in the world of bedding, and you probably feel the same way we feel: it’s too difficult to know what is real and what is just flashy marketing.

That’s why we set out to create a different kind of bedding company, one that is based around, well…you. Double Stitch is more than a brand, we are a community of designers, textile experts, artisans, and comfort enthusiasts (that’s you).

As we like to say, you’re as much a part of Double Stitch as we are, and that isn’t just a snappy marketing line (though it is pretty snappy). We’re serious about our community, but what does that mean, exactly? 

Here’s what makes Double Stitch different:

We’re here 

When you join the Double Stitch Community, one thing will probably stand out immediately: we’re here, we’re available, and we’d love to meet you. There’s nothing more irritating than getting stuck in an automated customer service loop, continually asking to speak to a human only to be met with generic responses. We agree, and that’s why our designers, marketing team, customer service staff, and product team hang out on our forums, discussing your ideas and feedback with you, directly.

Get to know us


Community co-creation

Other companies say they are listening, but we actually mean it. No, really.

From design to materials, we build our products based on your ideas and feedback. As part of our community, you can help change the course of Double Stitch in a big, big way. Is there a product you’d like to see? Maybe you have some feedback on design? Or, maybe you just want to get to know us a little bit better? Well, we’d like to get to know you, too.

Come Say Hi


Full transparency

You spend a large portion of your life in bed, and you should feel safe, comfortable, and cozy.  You deserve to know exactly where your bedding came from and how it’s made. In our community, you’ll be seeing a lot of behind-the-scenes content, from our design headquarters in Manhattan to our farms and factories across the globe.

Also, to put it simply: we don’t hide behind PR responses. If we do something great, we’ll tell you. If we fall a little bit short, we’ll tell you that, too, then let you know exactly how we’re going to improve. We believe that being honest with our community and constantly striving for improvement is the best way forward. 

At the end of the day, what we believe is simple: we are at our strongest when you are at the core of what we do. So let’s build something amazing, together.

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