Noemi's Room

An uplifting oasis

Hey there, I'm Noemi, and welcome to the sanctuary of my home – my bedroom!

This isn't merely a spot for slumber; it's my personal retreat for tranquility, creativity, and rejuvenation. Each night, my Matelasse Wave Coverlet Set, with its soft BCI cotton and calming wave design, cradles me to sleep.

Matelasse Wave Coverlet SetMatelasse Wave Coverlet Set
Sale priceFrom $179.99 USD

When it's cold, I add the Organic Cotton Duvet Cover Set and Organic Cotton Sheet Set, known for their softness and eco-friendly nature, keeping me comfortable all year.

Organic Cotton Duvet Cover SetOrganic Cotton Duvet Cover Set
Sale priceFrom $129.99 USD
Organic Cotton Sheet SetOrganic Cotton Sheet Set
Sale priceFrom $129.99 USD

Then there's the splash of character from my Intarsia Knit Throw Blanket – an eco-friendly, irresistibly snug addition that swathes me in a tapestry of warmth, color, and texture.

Intarsia Knit Throw Blanket - Double Stitch By BedsureIntarsia Knit Throw Blanket - Double Stitch By Bedsure
Sale priceFrom $69.99 USD

The handcrafted Tufted Cotton Throw Pillow Covers from India reflect my boho-classic style, with their durable texture and colors.

Double Stitch is more than products; it's an experience that values me. Their focus on quality, comfort, design, and sustainability aligns with my values.

Tufted Checkered Cotton Throw Pillow CoverTufted Checkered Cotton Throw Pillow Cover