Sustainable Bedding for a Healthier Sleep: Build an Eco-Friendly Bedroom with Double Stitch

Sustainable Bedding for a Healthier Sleep: Build an Eco-Friendly Bedroom with Double Stitch

Why eco-friendly bedding? 

Eco-friendly bedding is made using ethical and sustainable practices—conserving our Earth’s precious resources as well as reducing waste and toxins that have a damaging effect on our environment. 

Often made with natural fibers, including: organic cotton, linen, hemp, eucalyptus, and bamboo–these products are frequently moisture-wicking, breathable, and recyclable. Eco-friendly bedding typically uses less water than traditional manufacturing and helps prevent harsh chemicals and additives from entering our atmosphere, water, soil, and bodies. 

Beware of greenwashing!

As sustainability continues to grow in popularity, we must keep our antennae out for greenwashing. “Greenwashing” is a common marketing tactic used by companies to mislead consumers into thinking the company is more environmentally-friendly than what is true. Do your research, pay close attention, and familiarize yourself with proper certifications. 

In our post about organic cotton, we explain how the most ethically sourced materials will have a GOTS-certification. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide protocol for the manufacturing of organic fibers. GOTS evaluates the production processes from an environmental and social standpoint from start to finish. 

The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is another measure to test textiles for harmful chemicals. Every thread is put to the test against more than 1,000 harmful substances.

Eco-friendly bedding by Double Stitch

With a high value on sustainability, we’re proud to offer a selection of products that will help you create your Earth-friendly oasis. 

Our premium Double Stitch Organic Cotton Duvet Cover Set and Organic Cotton Sheet Set are made with a 300-thread-count, long-staple organic fabric for unbeatable comfort and lightweight breathability. 

With a GOTS and Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification, this bedding is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. Every set is sandwashed using our patented, pre-wash system for a supremely soft and lived-in feel, right out of the box. With long-lasting durability and versatility, this bedding supports a healthier you, healthier home, and healthier planet.

We also encourage you to read more about our dreamy, sustainably sourced  Cotton Tencel™ Lyocell series. Check-out our care guide for more tips on how to adopt sustainable laundry practices and keep your goodies in the best condition. Give yourself bonus points for switching from traditional detergents to eco-friendly products. 

The power of plants

In addition to choosing eco-friendly bedding, there are several other steps you can take to create your sustainable sanctuary. 

At the top of our list: plants, plants, plants. Natural, vibrant, and full of life–plants purify our air by reducing carbon dioxide, filtering out harmful toxins, and increasing oxygen. Some plants also help boost humidity. 

Cleaner air enables more restful sleep, which reduces stress and increases our overall state of calm, happiness, and productivity. Stylish and enriching, adding plants to your bedroom is a fantastic way to soothe mind, body, and soul. 

Don’t be surprised if creating a sustainable bedroom leads to empowerment through strong health, quality rest, and a contribution you can feel proud of. Living sustainably is the way of the future. We hope this post helps you get started. 

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