The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Caring for Down Bedding

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Caring for Down Bedding - Double Stitch By Bedsure

Keep your feathers feeling fresh with these simple tips

At Double Stitch, we believe in providing carefully crafted bedding and bedroom accessories that offer a touch of luxury and a good night's sleep, and one of the most sought-after materials for getting good rest is natural down. It’s warm, impossibly soft and cozy, and despite what some people may have told you, it’s a breeze to keep clean and maintain.

Today, we're diving into all things down and what it is that makes the plush plumage found in our Double Stitch pillows and duvet inserts so unique. We’ll also share our top tips for cleaning and caring for down so you can keep that cloud-like comfort looking like new for years to come.

Double Stitch Down 

Here are just a few things that make our down products special:

They’re responsibly crafted. Our down carries the DOWNMARK label to ensure quality and authenticity and is sourced right here in the USA before heading to Canada for finishing according to the highest level of industry standards. 

They’re cruelty-free. It doesn’t get more important than that. Our down farms comply with strict animal welfare guidelines. They’ve also received ethical certification from the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) and been approved by the Down Association of Canada.

They’re long-lasting and incredibly cozy. Unlike synthetic fillers that degrade over time, our natural down stays plush and warm for decades and is three times warmer than artificial versions.

Caring for Down Pillows and Duvet Inserts

If you’ve hesitated to try natural down because you worried it would be “high maintenance”, we have good news—taking good care of down bedding is actually quite easy. Here are some tips that can help.

  1. Shake it Off

When you receive your Double Stitch down pillow or duvet insert, give it a good shake and fluff to help it regain its loft. This will instantly enhance the fluffiness and loft, making it appear plumper and more inviting.

  1. Consider a Protector

To keep your down pillows and duvet inserts fresh and clean, use pillowcases and duvet covers. These act as barriers against sweat, dirt, and dust, prolonging the life of your bedding and reducing the frequency of cleanings.

  1. Fluff Regularly

It's important to fluff your down pillows and duvet inserts regularly. Give them a gentle shake and fluff daily, and you'll notice the difference in how your bedding feels and looks.

  1. Professional cleaning

Some online guides suggest laundering down products, but at Double Stitch, our product experts recommend only spot cleaning or dry cleaning your duvets and pillow. Attempting to clean your down bedding at home in a consumer-grade washer can damage the insulating properties of the down filling or, even worse, rupture the casing.

  1. Keep your down dry

When it comes to quality down, moisture is the enemy. Dampness, spills, or even high humidity levels can lead to mold or mildew. Always store your down bedding in breathable cloth bags, and if your down product gets damp for any reason, dry it immediately in a large-capacity dryer. It’s important that there is enough room in the dryer for the hot air to circulate easily around the bedding. Toss in a couple of wool dryer balls (or tennis balls, in a pinch) to speed up the drying process and help fluff the down. 

Dry on the lowest heat setting until the down is completely dry, but be thorough. Down should be completely dry before you remove it from the dryer. Taking the bedding out occasionally and fluffing it can help speed the drying process.

How often should I clean my down bedding?

If you are using pillowcases and duvet covers, your down bedding will benefit from dry cleaning once or twice a year.

At Double Stitch, we're committed to providing you with the best in American-sourced and Canadian-made down products. If you’re in the market for plush down pillows or a cozy down duvet insert, visit our online store where you’ll find expertly crafted bedding designed to help you get good rest.

And while you’re there, be sure to join our Double Stitch community where we're sharing ideas and building this brand together, one stitch at a time.

Happy snuggling!

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