Lyocell, Tencel, OEKO-TEX®, BCI: Breaking Bedding Buzzwords Down

Lyocell, Tencel, OEKO-TEX®, BCI: Breaking Bedding Buzzwords Down - Double Stitch By Bedsure

Bedding can be confusing. We’re here to make it simple.

A product description for a set of sheets in 2023 can be downright confusing. Gone are the days where everything is made of cotton and the only thing you have to think about is thread count. Now, there are different fabrics, performance blends, and material certifications that can help you understand exactly what you’re getting. 

It can be a lot, but don’t worry. We’re here to decode everything and make it easy.

Cotton TENCEL™

TENCEL™ is actually an ultra high-quality type of lyocell developed in Austria, sourced from sustainably-farmed eucalyptus plants. Essentially, it’s plant fibers that, when blended with other fabrics, make sheets that are more breathable and more wrinkle-resistant. It helps wick away moisture too, which is important if you’re a hot sleeper.

For our exclusive Cotton TENCEL™ blend, we combine this eucalyptus-based lyocell with OEKO-TEX® certified cotton grown in the United States for unparalleled softness and comfort. It also goes through our proprietary washing process to deliver a serenely smooth sleep experience. 

Linen Lyocell

For our Linen Lyocell blend, we combine lyocell plant fibers with flax-derived linen imported from France. The result? It’s the linen you know and love, but even better.

Unlike traditional linen (which can take dozens of washes to soften over time), our Linen Lyocell doesn’t need to be broken in. As we like to say, it’s incredibly soft right out of the box. You also get all of the other great benefits of lyocell, like breathability, moisture wicking, and wrinkle resistance. And because it’s made from natural fibers, you can feel good knowing your beeding is eco-friendly and sustainable.


Ok, technically, OEKO-TEX® isn’t a material. It’s a certification standard for materials developed by the highly-respected International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology - which thankfully calls itself “OEKO-TEX®” for short.

There are a lot of aspects to this certification, including that the materials does not come from GMOs, and that it’s been tested for pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Additionally, the OEKO-TEX® certification means the entire supply chain, from the farm to the factory, was independently verified. 

The short version? This certification guarantees that our products are free from harmful chemicals, so you can feel safe snuggling up from the very first night.

BCI Cotton

We’re proud to be members of the Better Cotton Initiative, or the BCI, which is all about ensuring cotton is grown ethically and sustainably. Cotton produced with BCI certification ensures that the farmers who grew it are paid fair wages and have good working conditions. The BCI also works with local communities to fight inequality and empower women to improve their standard of living. Moving forward, the BCI is committed to the fight against global warming, as well.

The BCI certification is recognized for providing complete transparency into the cotton supply chain to ensure that all the cotton used in their certified products is grown and manufactured in a way that benefits the people and the planet. 

These things matter

Investing in better sleep can start with simply getting some sheets that are made with better materials and are certified to be safe and healthy, and now you know where to start looking.

Whether it’s the breathable softness of the Linen Lyocell sheets to help keep you cool at night, or the Cotton TENCEL™ sheets with their luxurious comfort and durability, every Double-Stitch sheet is made with the best materials. OEKO-TEX® and BCI certifications give you an additional peace of mind, guaranteeing that our manufacturing processes are ethical and sustainable. 

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