Wondering What Makes a Bedroom Luxurious? 5 Tips for Creating a Five-Star Hotel Vibe at Home

Wondering What Makes a Bedroom Luxurious? 5 Tips for Creating a Five-Star Hotel Vibe at Home - Double Stitch By Bedsure

Experience that relaxing vacation vibe, every single night.

If you’ve been lucky enough to take a luxury trip, you know half of the fun is staying in a fine hotel. And when we say fine, we mean really fine, where the robes are plush and the bedding is sumptuous and you’re not sure anything in the outside world is worth leaving your little bubble of luxury.

Two questions we often hear in the Double Stitch community are:

What makes a bedroom luxurious? 

Can I create the same vibe at home without breaking the bank?

The answer to the latter is–absolutely. And to help with the former, we’re sharing 5 of our favorite tips for transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary so fancy, every evening will feel like you’re on vacation.

  • Invest in Good Bedding
  • We truly believe that quality bedding is something everyone deserves. You won’t just feel better, you’ll sleep better, too. 

    At Double Stitch, we start with the best materials to craft the highest quality bedding, then we sell directly to you. You aren’t paying a premium for some flashy marketing, you are paying for premium bedding. That’s the Double Stitch difference.

    To put it simply: with Double Stitch, you’ll feel like you are sleeping at a 5-star hotel. 

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  • Colors and Textures
  • The color palette you choose plays a pivotal role in creating a cozy vibe for your bedroom. Most people benefit from choosing soothing, neutral tones like soft grays, creamy whites, and muted pastels. These colors not only create a serene atmosphere but also mimic the sophisticated elegance of luxury hotels. 

    But darker-toned paints are having a moment, so if you love the look of brooding blues, deep emeralds, or smokey charcoal colors, we say go for it.

    Add a variety of textures through decorative throw pillows, velvet curtains, and plush area rugs. Or try draping a patterned throw or blanket at the foot of your bed or over your reading chair for a punch of texture and color. These finishing touches will add depth and warmth to your space.

  • Don’t Forget About Ambient Lighting
  • Ever noticed how five-star hotels master the art of ambient lighting? It’s easy to get the same effect in your bedroom by incorporating layered lighting options. 

    Consider hanging a statement chandelier or funky pendant as your central fixture, then supplement with bedside lamps and maybe even some hidden LED strip lights to provide a subtle glow. Having the ability to adjust the lighting to different moods will instantly elevate the ambiance of your space.

  • Declutter and Minimize
  • We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—luxury and clutter simply don't go hand in hand. Create a sense of calm by decluttering your space, and utilize smart storage solutions like bedside tables with drawers or discreet under-bed storage boxes. 

    As we like to say: you must leave space for serenity. 

  • The Final Flourish: Fresh Flowers and Greenery
  • Bringing a little natural beauty indoors adds a luxe look to your bedroom. You can create a five-star feel by placing a vase of your favorite flowers on your bedside table, but if fresh flowers aren’t your thing, fear not—you can achieve the same look with the simple addition of some easy-to-maintain indoor plants that soothe the senses.

    And now you know exactly what makes a bedroom look and feel luxurious. Transforming your bedroom into a five-star, hotel-inspired sanctuary doesn’t have to be hard…and it shouldn’t break the bank. The trick is to focus on indulging in comfort and creating a sense of escape. 

    Sweet dreams and happy decorating!

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