Summer Bedroom Refresh with Double Stitch's Cotton TENCEL™ Percale Collection

Summer Bedroom Refresh with Double Stitch's Cotton TENCEL™ Percale Collection

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As the days grow longer and the nights grow warmer, there's no better time to refresh your bedroom decor and create a summer sanctuary that you'll love coming home to. With Double Stitch's Cotton TENCEL™ Percale Collection, you can curate your dream bedroom that's both stylish and comfortable. So why wait? Dive into the season of sun and relaxation with Double Stitch and make your summer dreams a reality.

Windward Blue: An Ocean-Themed Staycation

Transform your bedroom into a perpetual beach retreat with a coastal makeover. Take a whimsical approach with natural textures, soothing colors, and an airy ambiance for a serene vibe. Our curated collection helps you bring the memory of sandy shores, salty breezes, and rolling waves into your bedroom. If you prefer modern and minimal aesthetics, our Windward Blue Cotton TENCEL™ Percale Sheet Set and Bright White Cotton TENCEL™ Percale Duvet Cover Set will be your top picks. Drape the Cool Multi Intarsia Knit Throw Blanket across the bed to evoke the vibrant hues of a coastal retreat. Put a playful spin on the style with our Oat Cotton Scalloped Throw Pillow Cover, balancing out the cool blue elements.

Moss Green: A Serene Forest Retreat

Transform your bedroom into a tranquil forest-inspired haven with our Moss Green Cotton TENCEL™ Percale set. Complement it with the Sage Valley Intarsia Knit Throw Blanket, featuring a subtle knit design that adds a touch of color. Toss the Sage Valley Tufted Cotton Throw Pillow Cover onto your bed for added texture. Complete the woodland vibe by adorning your space with lush green plants, bringing nature indoors for a zen atmosphere.

Sunset Glow: Summer Sunset Hues

As spring gracefully bows out and summer takes center stage, we’re basking in the warmth of summer with sunset-inspired hues that capture the golden rays of the season. Step into a dreamy summer evening with our Sunset Glow Cotton TENCEL™ Percale bedding set, capturing the warm hues of twilight. Add an extra layer of charm with our Shell Cream and Oat Cotton Scalloped Throw Pillow Covers for a big dose of personality. Complete the look by draping our Alpaca Wool Blend Throw Blanket over the bed to add comfort and style.

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