Behind Our Design: A Look Into Double Stitch's Cotton TENCEL™ Percale Collection

Behind Our Design: A Look Into Double Stitch's Cotton TENCEL™ Percale Collection

Earlier this month, we launched our exclusive Cotton TENCEL™ Percale Collection. The development of this collection involved exhaustive investigations, lab tests, and wear testing. To learn a bit more about the design and materials, we spoke with Molly Lane, Senior Designer at Double Stitch. Molly shared the difference between our Cotton TENCEL™ Sateen Collection and new percale series, why percale is the perfect summer bedding for hot sleepers, and the uniqueness of our exclusive blend. Join us to explore the story behind our Cotton TENCEL™ Percale.
Why Lenzing TENCEL™ lyocell?
TENCEL™ lyocell fibers are sourced from sustainably cultivated trees such as eucalyptus, carefully chosen from certified forests to protect natural woodlands. With an ultra-fine microfiber structure, TENCEL™ lyocell is softer than cotton. It is naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, and is resistant to wrinkles and pilling.
Why US Grown Cotton?
After performing lab tests with a variety of cotton from all over the world, we chose US cotton for its exceptional quality. Responsibly sourced from Texas, our cotton meets the highest standards of COTTON USA™. It's buttery soft and cozy, perfect for all season, and incredibly durable.

Our Craftsmanship & Production Process

Our Difference
Luxe Yarn: Each yarn is a blend of TENCEL™ lyocell fiber and cotton fiber mixed in a 65:35 ratio
Uniform elasticity
Even color coverage
    Fabric Massage: Fine, metal brushes massage the fabric to produce fine fibers from the woven yarns
    Fluffier texture
    Improved insulation
      Airflow Tapping: High-pressure air separates and relaxes each fiber
      Divine smoothness
      Superior breathability
      Next-level moisture-wicking
        Signature Finish: Double-stitched edges
        Industry-leading quality
        Exceptional durability
        A symbol of our brand philosophy: two-way communication
          Extra-Wash: Each piece of our cotton TENCEL™ bedding is garment-washed
          Ultimate softness
            How is our wear testing different?
            Our wear testing involves employees from Double Stitch offices around the world, testing our products as real customers and giving feedback to our labs. Through 50 rounds of testing, we've made significant improvements: better craftsmanship, increased durability with a higher thread count, added spare buttons, improved resistance to hair, and passed the component certification tests from Lenzing.
            Shop our Cotton TENCEL™ Percale with confidence, knowing that your health and satisfaction are our top priorities. Feel the Double Stitch difference this summer and build your summer bedroom with our favorite summer products!

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