Flip the Script This February with a Double Stitch Valentine’s STAY

Flip the Script This February with a Double Stitch Valentine’s STAY - Double Stitch By Bedsure

Celebrate Valentine’s with a comfy & cozy staycation

How do you celebrate the most romantic day on the calendar? While tradition calls for grabbing your partner and making reservations at an exclusive restaurant or gifting extravagant trinkets, more and more people are rejecting this expensive ritual and instead turning Valentine’s Day into a celebration of friendships and self-care.

At Double Stitch, we fully support this shift of focus—so much so that we created our very own list of ways you can celebrate the day with a Valentine’s Stay…as in “stay snuggled up in bed, taking care of yourself and enjoying the company of those you love most.” If you’re looking to change things up this year, here are our top suggestions for turning V-Day into a Valentine’s Stay you’ll look forward to every year.

Here's How a Valentine’s Stay Works

If you can’t stay home on February 14th, that’s okay! Try scheduling your Valentine’s Stay for the following weekend. Flexibility is key here: the idea of a Valentine’s Stay is to enjoy a day of self-care and relaxation, without distractions, doing the things you love most…either on your own or with the ones who love you most (and, yes…this includes your furry friends). Any day will work!

How to Celebrate a Valentine’s Stay

To help you plan the perfect Valentine’s Stay, we asked the Double Stitch team for their self-care suggestions. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. It All Starts with Good Bedding

The secret to pulling off a successful Valentine’s Stay is to wrap yourself in the comfort of quality bedding…the kind of bedding you can find right here at Double Stitch.

Whether you’re looking for plush, down pillows with the perfect amount of loft or cozy, chunky throws perfect for your mid-day nap, our bedding and accessories will help you build a sanctuary of true relaxation…on Valentine’s Day and every day. Click here to shop our bedding and accessories.

  1. Have a Good Book at the Ready

There’s nothing quite like lounging in bed with a good book in hand. Studies show that reading can have a positive effect on stress levels, so it’s a great way to spend part of your Valentine’s Stay. 

  1. Watch all the Movies & Shows

TV more your speed? Valentine’s Stay is all about creating a tradition of self-care and doing whatever makes you happy, so go right ahead. Make a list of shows and movies you’ve been dying to watch and enjoy a good old-fashioned binge session. Mix up your favorite genres—from horror and suspense to comedy and romance. After all, it’s important to have balance.

  1. Cheat meals, anyone?

If you’re the calorie-counting type, this is the day to give yourself a break. If you love to cook, have the ingredients on hand to make the foods you love. And if you don’t want to cook as part of your Stay, order from your favorite eatery or from a new hotspot you’ve been dying to try. The idea is to nourish yourself with the foods that make you the happiest, whatever that may be.

  1. Connect With Those Who Matter

We love the idea of broadening the purpose of Valentine’s Day. This year, why not spend part of your Stay reaching out to those who mean the most. If you want to invite your special someone to share the day with you, go for it. But don’t forget about family and friends you haven’t spoken to in a while. Reaching out and reconnecting with the important people in your life can make your Valentine’s Stay feel new and special.

So, what do you say? Are up for trying something new this Valentine’s? A traditional V-Day celebration is great if that’s your thing…but why not make space for something newer and, dare we say, equally sweet?

Head over to our community to let us know how you’ll be celebrating!

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, all of us here at Double Stitch wish you a Valentine’s Day (or Stay) filled with meaningful memories and sweet dreams.

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